Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Since My Last Blog Two Months Have Passed In a Flash

Time is just whizzing by at the moment. 

Who can believe Little Pip will be 12 weeks at the weekend? 
She sure is our little miracle and we are so thankful she is here with us. 

Since writing last we have discovered that infact I didn't have dodgy blood as I was first led to believe. The reason they couldn't fathom why I had such a high level of fetal haemoglobin was that my beautiful daughter had bled across the placenta into my blood stream. 
Thank goodness I pushed for her delivery as I was told by her consultant that she lost approximately 200ml of blood, which given her total blood volume was 350ml at birth she'd lost nearly 2/3 of her blood.
Here are two newspaper articles about Florence's story:
After seeing Harry so poorly after a catastrophic bleed, I keep thinking about him. 
I look at Florence and pray that her bleed hasn't affected her long term. 
Harry and Florence are identical babies:

They are similar in so many ways....

So you can understand that when I look at Florence, not only am I so grateful that my little girl is here with me after all her and I went through, but I am constantly reminded of Harry. I am reminded of his experience and his time with us.

 When I cuddle Florence and am bursting with pride, I am also remembering my only cuddle with Harry. I am remembering how sad I was that I was saying goodbye. Trying to fit in a lifetimes worth of memories into a few tiny moments. Harry has made me truly appreicate every minute I have with Florence.
I know so well how it feels to have your loved one snatched away too soon.

Harry gave me so much in his short life.
He taught me empathy.
He taught me patience.
He taught me to appreciate the small things in life.
He showed me my real friends.
He showed me my true path.
He bought my family closer.
He gave me my daughter.

So two months have passed since my last blog, and I haven't blogged not for lack of things to write about, but from literally being so busy I have barely had time to scratch my head! But things are well and little Florence has bought a very happy ray of light through the very dark clouds. She is our wonderful rainbow.

I am going to try and  get back to writing every week or every two weeks as it helps me and I hope it can help others in some way too.

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