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A bit about me...

I was born and raised in Devon, I am the eldest of three, I have a younger brother and younger sister.

I left home at 18 and after a rather unsettled start, moving from place to place all over, including a time in North Devon, Liverpool and a round the world trip in 2002, I moved to London in 2004. Lived the "London Lifestyle" for 5 years before moving back to Devon to be closer to my family.

Within a year of moving back, I was married and had my first baby, William. He has utterly changed my life.

I suffered with postnatal depression for about nine months but with the help of family and friends managed to pull through.

We were very fortunate to conceive Harry very quickly, but my employer at the time was less than impressed, after only working there for six months when I discovered I was pregnant!!

After a bit of an uncomfortable pregnancy my hind waters broke at home, at almost 35 weeks. I didn't go into labour so was booked in to be induced two days later. It was unknown that I had a condition called vasa previa, which meant when my forewaters broke, I suffered a bleed (which turned out to be Harry's blood) that went undiscovered for hours, as I was not checked during my labour and I had an epidural fitted, so I couldn't feel the loss. And the rest, as they say, is history.

As of early December 2012, I am currently trying to conceive again. Whilst I am grieving terribly for my beautiful Harry, I am desperate for the baby to fill the space I have made in my little family. However, I have polycystic ovaries, and this is making my cycles really irregular and therefore timing my ovulation is proving hard work. We have currently been trying for six months, and have been referred to a fertility clinic for assistance.

That being said, pregnancy is not something that sits well with me. With both my pregnancies I suffered terribly with extreme morning sickness (hyperemesis) and SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). And I would not recommend pregnancy to any one who has another child under the age of two. It is such a lot of work!!

Since having Harry, I have become involved in a lot of work fundraising for the neonatal unit in Exeter. More about this work can be found on the website for Harry's Trust: www.harrycunninghamtrust.co.uk , and also am a member of the SNUG group supporting other neonatal users in Exeter, as well as becoming a family support volunteer for Bliss.

Outside of my life as a mummy, I love beauty products, clothes, shoes and bags (who doesn't?!) but don't have the budget I once did so I have to admire from afar! I also love living by the seaside, spending time with my girlfriends, and visits to the wonderful restaurants in our area.

If you would like to get in touch for any PR for raising awareness of vasa previa or Harry's Trust, or for product reviews please do so here.

Thanks for reading, and I love reading comments from my readers, so don't be shy!

Love, Niki x

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