Friday, 13 December 2013

The pursuit of happiness...

What a nice month I have had!
Not sure how often you will hear me say that!!!

I last wrote in the weeks leading up to Harry's Ball and spoke about life being too short to be miserable. This last month that has absolutely been my focus.

The Ball went amazingly. We fundraised very successfully and raised tonnes of awareness of our work and everyone who attended seemed to really enjoy the evening. I certainly did! It was a rare occurrence for me to be able to enjoy an event i had planned but I did!

I have also enjoyed my time with the children and am trying to be more "in the moment" with them. Time seems to be racing by at the moment so I am trying to savour every minute with them and plan lots to do together.

I have also spent time with some old friends and some new, this month has really been full of really exciting times.

Being December as  well we have lots of festivities ahead and the next few weeks are looking to be as fun as the last few.

So before when I was concerned I would never enjoy myself again, I have just proved that it is possible. All this goes without saying however this doesn't mean I have forgotten my experiences or that I want to. It also doesn't mean that because I have lost a child that in some way I am now no longer allowed to enjoy myself or I should behave in a certain way. I am still me, I am still Niki, and these  last few weeks I have really been the old me and have really loved feeling that way again.

Harry has been at the forefront of my happiness though. He has shown me that I need to enjoy myself and enjoy what I have and the time I have. To have fun and to be silly and carefree now and again. You live once and no one can tell you how long that life is for.

Being Christmas as well Harry has also been on my mind. This would be his second Christmas. Tomorrow I am decorating his grave and  this year I am looking forward to it.

I also have been thinking about 2014 and the plans I made at the start of the year:

I don't think I have done too badly.

Need to make a list for 2014.  Think it's going to be another busy one!!!!

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