Saturday, 1 December 2012

TV Adverts! Do they drive you mad?!

Just wanted to share something that I have found myself feeling these past few weeks, being bombarded with kids toy adverts on tv pretty much all day long.

So, I see the baby doll adverts... Seeing these little girls cooing over their dolls, rocking them to sleep, feeding them, changing their nappies. I remember loving my dolls when I was little. I used to love feeding them their bottle, with the milk that disappeared, dressing them in the lovely dresses I had for them, tucking them into their pram or cot.... It was my favourite game. And when I was little, all I wanted to be when I grew up (apart from an actress or ballet dancer) was to be a mummy. Just like my mummy. And I do feel really lucky to be a mummy, as I know so many people who are struggle with that life-dream. But, I wonder if I am alone when I see these adverts for these dolls now, when I think gosh I hope these little girls don't ever have their mummy dreams smashed to bits like I have. I hope they don't dream of being a mummy and get their hopes up, only to have them snatched away, moments after giving birth to their baby that they loved so dearly... I have to snap myself out of these thoughts as I worry about them eating away at me. I am told by my counsellor that these feelings aren't MY feelings, they are my grief, and they will pass in time.

I hope they do...

Watching bloody Pampers adverts gets me too, or formula milk adverts. A new mother in the blissful moments with her baby. I feel jealous. I had wanted those moments with Harry, and I didn't get them. I was cheated out of those moments, and here are those mothers parading their happiness on my TV. Ugh....

The one that was the most horrifying though, was watching an advert for a game called Dino Bite. A game where you are saving the baby dinosaurs from the massive T-Rex trying to eat them... And I quote from the advert "if you don't save the babies in time, you lose!".............. you lose? OK that's great. I lose my baby, so I am the loser. I remember sitting there after the advert a bit confused. Great. I am the bloody loser.


  1. Hugs niki. I wish you'd have had the opportunity to be a mum to Harry, so not fair that your dreams got smashed. I feel sad that all u have is broken dreams now, you deserve more xx

  2. You are not a loser. The majority of adverts are not aimed at bereaved parents as nobody really knows what to say. I can understand where you come from but I cannot imagine for a moment what you must be going through day in and day out. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

  3. It's really not fair and it is a shame that companies don't always fully consider the implications of an ill-advised marketing campaign (the dino-bite sounds horrendous).

    I'd also like to second what Leanna said. I feel a bit bad sometimes reading and commenting on your blog when my outcome was so different to yours, but really want to show support for the wonderful work you are doing in fundraising and awareness x


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